We took two trips to Redwood Mountain Grove in Kings Canyon this year.
The first on the 19 of July saw some very unusual summer rain in California.
The pics below are from that trip

This one is one of my favorites, and see below for the look in October

Shay looking at the big trees in July

And Willy and Gus in the same spot.  The full size pic version of this is going to be much
taller than most or your screens! This gives  you and idea of how large these trees really are.

The Dogwoods were very colorful in August

Click Here to go to a map with a mark at the trail head.  These pics were taken in the lower right quadrant of the map.  The trail can be seen on the map and goes off the lower right side.  This link will take you to another web site.  Use the back button to return.